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MyBillRegistry (MBR) enables clients and partners to launch, manage, and evolve marketing programs supported by the MBR platform. In the latter half of 2010, we worked with our Strategic Integration Partner - Wells Fargo - to integrate the MBR solution with the bank’s Global Enterprise Payment Management System. This ensured scalability and international reach as well as addressing issues surrounding foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations. Steve Ellis, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Payment Strategies commented that the MBR solution was “...one of the most innovative he’d seen...” at the 2010 Wells Fargo Global Payments Conference.


The Sustained Peer-to-Peer Micro Giving System (SPPMGS) [Patent Pending] - The SPPMGS protects our process for manipulating information by which a single or group of individuals/organizations can request, collect, and distribute financial subsidy, from a single or group of individuals or organizations (Supporters) in order to aid in the payment of a single or multiple monthly expenses directly to the individual's service provider. This patent foot-hold provides us with an additional advantage in the market-place against second movers.


Our systems are designed for scalability to accommodate  an expanding number of Registrants and Contributors. 


MyBillRegistry provides in-dashboard reporting specific to the total number contributors and current as well as scheduled contributions. Our dashboard reporting system gives users a global view of how a campaign is performing as well as optional social listening, registry traffic monitoring and potential contributor analysis. All data can be tracked uniquely per environment on Facebook and YouTube. Traffic and reporting can be broken down at the individual registry level. Also, if an organization level account is established, functionality and tracking can be localized into sub-registries. Third party tracking tags may be included on the on MBR pages as long as the surrounding publisher’s (YouTube, Facebook etc.) policy permits them. Real Time Analytics: Access multi-sourced performance data - Google Analytics, YouTube Insights Tool, Facebook Insights, Twitter Data Trends, and MBR's own tracking data, all from a single dashboard.

Backend Integration

Our backend system has two financial integrations:

  1. The first through merchant accounts to collect all contributions across all registrant's bills inside of the current bill collection cycle. 
  2. The second is the outcome of the bill collection cycle, an integration with the Wells Fargo Payment Manager ACH system.  This will handle all domestic and international transactions in a bulk XML format data transfer at the end of a bill collection cycle. 

This process has three levels of validation for account status, payment clearance, and bill pay confirmation.

Social Media

MyBillRegistry's powerful social media invitation management capabilities enable users to manage social communications  across multiple social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts can be managed from within the MBR dashboard. Current and potential contributors can like, comment, reply, retweet, and engage a user's bill registry. MBR's social tracking module displays real-time activity and allows the user to monitor and update their social crowd-funding presence. These include blended posts across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and custom sources.

Mobile and Tablet Devices

MyBillRegistry is also the only crowd-funding platform where mobile deployment comes standard with every implementation. Users can extend their crowd-funding campaigns to mobile and tablet devices automatically. 
Capabilities include access across all iOS and Android devices, optimized mobile content, and a true unified user experience across web, mobile, and tablet.

Enterprise API 

Strategic brand and agency partners can use MyBillRegistry's (MBR) Enterprise APIs to build new marketing based crowd-funding applications and modules. MyBillRegistry's APIs can integrate with existing software tools to push/pull data to Create Experiences, Distribute Experiences, and Measure Performance: 

  • Creating Bill Registries: MBR can connect to CMS and Asset repositories (internal or external) for official content, CRM systems for personalization data.
  • Distributing Bill Registries:  MBR pushes registries out to different platforms - social, rich media, and optimizes the environments across all devices: PC, phone, tablet, digital outdoor, etc.