Wells Fargo

In 2010, we worked with our Strategic Integration Partner - Wells Fargo Treasury Management Services and Solutions - to integrate the MBR platform with the bank’s Global Enterprise Payment Management System. This ensured scalability and international reach as well as addressing issues surrounding foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations. Steve Ellis, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Payment Strategies commented that the MBR solution was “ of the most innovative he’d seen...” .

Backend Integration

Our backend system has two financial integrations:

  1. The first through merchant accounts to collect all contributions across all registrant's bills inside of the current bill collection cycle. 
  2. The second is the outcome of the bill collection cycle, and integration with the Wells Fargo Payment Manager ACH system.  This will handle all domestic and international transactions in a bulk XML format data transfer at the end of a bill collection cycle. 

This process has three levels of validation for account status, payment clearance, and bill pay confirmation.


Rackspace is the leader in cloud computing. They deliver enterprise-level hosting services to medium to large enterprises around the world. Started in 1998, they’ve grown to serve the majority of the Fortune 1000. They integrate the industry's best technologies specific to our needs and deliver it as a seamless set of service packages.

Our Strategic relationship with Rackspace provides us with a portfolio of platforms, ranging from traditional dedicated as well as cloud hosting.This empowers us to offer our client and partners a broad suite of secure hosting option for their MyBillRegistry implementations and programs.

The MyBillRegistry Cloud Server Cluster

We fine-tune your infrastructure to serve the needs of our clients and brand partners even during the heaviest-traffic windows.This Strategic Integration Partner is ensures fully staffed support teams around the clock ready to address and issue.

Current Capabilities Include:

  • Mobile Applications Hosting
  • High-Traffic e-Commerce Integrations
  • Corporate / Brand Partner Site Hosting
  • Rich Media Site Hosting
  • Test and Development Environments