Welcome to MyBillRegistry (MBR). We are an independent, driven company that designs and develops innovative, forward-thinking solutions to meet the needs of individual users, organizations and brands. We believe that our platforms and apps can make a substantial difference in the way individuals and organizations overcome life’s challenges.

Our objective is reflected through the programs and user experiences we support. You'll find examples of our approach in our current and upcoming products.

Most importantly, our people—not just names and titles, but what they do, what they're passionate about and how they've contributed to MyBillRegistry. We hope you like what you see, comment on what you like and spread the word.


Using MBR individuals and organizations  (Classrooms, College Students, Eldercare Recipients etc.) can request and receive targeted financial assistance with monthly bills in a secure, efficient and user friendly way. MBR uses Sustained Peer-to-Peer Micro-Giving to request and collect funds from contributors, consolidate those funds and distribute them directly to various product and service providers. (Tuition, Classroom Supplies, Rent, Utilities, Cellular or Internet Service, etc.)

“…This solution is one of the most innovative I’ve seen…” Steve Ellis, Executive VP, Enterprise Payment Strategies – Wells Fargo

Our mission is to provide innovative tools to power the future of online fundraising. We’ve created the next generation of web and mobile solutions for individuals and organizations managing their own online fundraising. We provide well-designed, easy-to-use solutions that set new standards. By focusing our efforts on the fusion of design and engineering, we create solutions that satisfy the needs of our users.